What We Do

Originality, understanding and technical know how are the key elements to a great sounding project. We manage and consult on every step of the process. For a little taster of some of our recent work, visit our portfolio


– Dialogue & ADR supervision
– Dialogue editing and premixing
– Noise reduction and restoration
– Voice over recording
– Production sound

Sound Effects

– SFX and Foley supervision
– Foley spotting/recording/editing
– Tracklay & FX premix
– Field recording for original Sound FX design
– Sound synthesis and manipulation


– Stereo
– 5.1 surround sound
– DCP audio
– European and UK television broadcasting (EBU R128 & PPM)
– Online (YouTube, Vimeo and other social media platforms)


– Music Supervision
– Composition
– Recording
– Mixing
– Mastering